Friday, 5 April 2013

Time For An Ad Break

You have to say Rory McIlroy's "performance" in those Santander ads is painful to watch. He looks as comfortable as George Osborne in a Poundland store. But there's nothing new about sportsmen and women taking the advertiser's pieces of silver.
George Best more than most. Here's a sixties ad for an aftershave called Fore. Which is surely the wrong sport. He's not even using his feet.

The one I remember growing up, though, is his ads for Cookstown Family Sausages. I think that might even be his mother giving him said sausages here.

For a proper Ulster fry-up you'd need some eggs to go along with those sausages. So here's another Best appearance. He gets lines in this one and it's quickly evident that he's clearly more a natural than Rory. All together now: E for B and Georgie Best