Monday, 7 November 2011

The reviews trickle in

Almost missed this but there was another review of the book published at the weekend. Douglas Osler reviewed it in The Scotsman, describing it as a "talented intertwining of sport with the politics of Northern Ireland". You can read the whole review here:
It also got a mention in the Irish Independent, in relation to the longlist of the William Hill Irish Sports Book Of The Year and the omission of Tony Francis's new book on Alex Higgins (even though pretty much every other Irish sports book is). The paper mentions Whose Side Is It On? and suggests it's a part-memoir of George Best, which is a tad awry (though to be fair Best is there at the beginning of the book and near the end and he is on the cover). You can read the story here:
By the way, Francis's book sounds a good one by all accounts. And if so it's another example of the current strength of sports publishing which I was talking about last time around. Anyone read it yet? And is it worth a mention in the best ever sports books? I fancy getting a list of 50 together. Suggestions welcome please.

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