Monday, 17 October 2011

Whose Side Are You On? - The Interview

At the end of last month Bruce Berglund, historian, little league coach and podcaster, interviewed me down the line from Michegan for his excellent audio blog New Books in Sport. The result - an hour plus conversation about sport and Northern Ireland and the Troubles - has now been posted here:
For anyone who wants to get a flavour of Whose Side Are You On? it's a perfect starting place. It touches on my reasons for writing the book, growing up in Northern Ireland, questions of national identity, Wayne McCullough, Shergar, and George Best.
A word of warning though, Bruce's site is seriously distracting. You may find yourself spending hour upon hour listening to Bruce's interviews with academics and writers about all kinds of sports, from American football to cricket and from baseball to rugby union.
It's a genuinely vibrant and intelligent project and I'm proud to have been asked to get involved.

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