Sunday, 23 October 2011

Whose Side - the media blitz

After appearing on Radio 4's Today programme on Friday morning I thought it might be worth bringing all the links to the coverage of Whose Side Are You On? together in one place. So here are all the links I can find.


You can listen to the Radio 4 Today package here:
(you can here me some 10 minutes before the end).

There's a much longer interview (one hour plus) at Bruce Berglund's excellent podcast New Books in Sport. Great for hearing all my umms and aahs:

And for those who prefer to read a former colleague Kirsty Paterson interviewed me for my local paper, the Falkirk Herald which appears online under the headline Ready Teddy Go (ouch):

You can still read an extract/introduction to the book that appeared in Glasgow's The Herald Magazine:
(nb - if you haven't been on the website before you will have to register, but they only want your email address)

Not many it has to be said. Two in fact. A four-star review in Metro - This book positively sparkles with intelligence, humanity and, most importantly, real hope for the future.' - from Paul Connolly. And John Preston's review in the Daily Mail which is slightly less positive (John is not so keen on my writing style), but does recognise the importance of the subject:

Hopefully reading/listening to these will encourage you to buy the book (if you haven't already done so). Alternatively you could always talk to my mum and she'll tell you all of the mistakes I've made (quite how I mixed up Greenisland with Coalisland in one throwaway line I can't begin to tell you. Stupidity, I guess).

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